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Snow Services at an Affordable Price
Amtek provides Ice/Snow Removal and Snowplowing services.
Amtek Ice and Snow Removal
Ice damns can form on roofs when excess heat melts snow, that then freezes on the edge of a roof. Effectively creating a dam that prevents the roof from draining properly. Water then backs up and can leak. Amtek removes these dams allowing water to drain. Amtek offers ventillation systems that can prevent these problems. Roofs installed by Amtek include ice and water barrier. Amtek also removes snow. Snow weight in excess can put a strain on the structure of some roofs.
Amtek Home Remodeling Services
We have the skills and expertise to handle your residential and commercial projects.
Snowplowing Services
Amtek provides commercial snowplowing and salting services in Ononadaga County. If your bussiness depends on having a plowed and/or salted parking lot, you can depend on Amtek. We strive to provide the best snow services with promt and professional service.

Serving Onondaga County Since 1965
We've been serving Onondaga County since 1965. Contact us today regarding your home improvement project. No job is too big or too small for us. We have the skills and expertise to handle your roofing, siding,  window, deck and porch needs.
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